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Work created while a post-bacc at Wichita State University, 2016-2018:


I create functional objects that entice the viewer (like a flower to a bee) to pick up, investigate, and ultimately utilize the pottery in their everyday life. I make decorated vessels because they are not simply decorative. They demand intimate interaction and act upon their surroundings and our lives in a direct way, both as an aesthetic experience and as a useful tool. I use decoration to connect the viewer with an evocative and imaginary surface that is organized with areas of abstracted, dynamically sweeping vines and leaves, geometric spaces, and botanical drawings to attract and draw the eye around the pot, revealing interaction between the ground, the negative space, and the form. Through these drawings, I adorn my pots with drawings of botanical symbolism and ornamentation, to enrich the surface and imbue the vessel with deeper meaning. These drawings are at times a metaphor for my own memories and experiences, or simply a symbolic reference to the density and complexity of plant life, as well as the Western medicinal folk symbolism behind herbs and flowers. My work is then fired in a soda kiln, the atmosphere of which acts upon the pots to both highlight and obscure my illustrations, adding depth and complexity to an already lush surface.