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Resources & Helpful Links

Resources & Links

This is an ongoing list of helpful links for students, teachers, and makers working in clay or other media. 


Ceramics Resources

ArtAxis is a peer-reviewed source of contemporary artwork in ceramics and sculpture.

The Rosenfield Collection is a free online gallery useful for referencing contemporary ceramic art.

Galloway's Library of Cups is a good reference for (you guessed it) cups.

Ayumi Horie has an amazing curated section of ceramics artists, videos, schools, etc. on her website.

Creative Resources Facebook Group is a great place to find upcoming opportunities and deadlines.

Ceramic Arts Network is a good place to find calls for entry and a wealth of other ceramics information. Subscription is required after 3 free articles, so if you are just looking for the deadlines, Google "CeramicArtsNetwork Call for Entry" and pick the closest month you can find.

Call for Entry is a searchable database of arts exhibitions, competitions, and fairs.


Further Education

Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans is a website of information and resources developed to help and support students when they are finishing school.

The Art of the Future is a collection of essays about the historical and contemporary context of ceramics in human history by Paul Mattieu. You should read this (and it's free).

The MFA Guidebook for Studio Artists is a good place to start when you are brainstorming about applying to graduate programs (for any studio art).

MSU's List of Residencies is a helpful, comprehensive list of residencies to consider when application time is near.

NCECA is the annual National Conference for Education in Ceramic Arts and if you haven't been, you need to go. It will change the way you think about clay and the community that we are in together (it will blow your mind!).


Selling & Marketing

Etsy Seller's Handbook is a great resource full of advice about pricing, selling, shipping, marketing, taxes, etc.

Beth Kirby (LocalMilk) is my top recommendation to look at for social media marketing and business advice. She offers free guides (you have to give your email) that have been incredibly helpful to building my brand and learning about marketing, photography styling, and social media presence.

Ayumi Horie's Guide to Using Instagram for Studio Artists is a great look at how to diversify your feed with dynamic shots, humor, and wit.

Didem Mert has some great tips and tricks about setting up a photography station and more technical info on her website.


Glazes and Clays

Glazy is an online database of glaze and clay bodies.

Digital Fire is another online database of glaze and clay bodies.




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